Rita Kendall        
    Clarksville, Tennessee

  BETTER CHOICE OF LIVING (BCOL) is dedicated to helping minorities improve their lives through personal and professional development, planning, and by making better choices.  Our goals are to enhance opportunities for employment, home and business ownership where they would otherwise be limited.  In addition, emphasis on education, wellness, and health are critically important.  Our young men and women need incentives to finish high school and continue their education in traditional or technical colleges and universities.  Realizing a better living through better choices is the key to success.

         BCOL will work diligently to identify the needs in our communities and fulfill the shortfalls by offering lectures, conferences, educational material and assistance when possible.  We will assess the specific need in each community that we operate, then plan and provide assistance accordingly.  In order to make a more profound impact in our communities, membership in BCOL must increase.  We are only as strong as our  weakest link.  Let us all do our part in creating a “Better Choice of Living” for generations to come.  The possibilities are endless.  By lending us your time, talent, knowledge and/or financial contributions we can provide the opportunity for better choices.  Join BETTER CHOICE OF LIVING and help us make a difference.

                 BETTER CHOICE OF LIVING is an equal opportunity organization and will not 
       refuse service or positions to eligible applicants based on age, ethnic background,
       religion, or gender.


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